Cambridge Certificates

Courses for Cambridge Certificates (UCLES)

Our school has been in the Cambridge University Certificates circle for many years.

The courses are usually finalised to the attainment of one of them, as they are internationally acknowledged. Cambridge examinations, certificates and diplomas are managed by the University of Cambridge, mainly for candidates whose first language is not English

Cambridge examinations for children

A creative method to introduce your children to the study of the English language.

Examinations Duration
Flyers 250 hours
Movers 175 hours
Starters 100 hours

Adult Cambridge examinations

The examinations mark the different level of knowledge reached in the language.

Examinations ALTE Scale
CPE Proficiency 5° Level - C2
CAE Cambridge Advanced 4° Level - C1
FCE First Certificate 3° Level - B2
PET Preliminary English Test 2° Level - B1
KET Key English Test 1° Level - A2
Business English  

The most requested Cambridge examinations

KET Key English Test

Is the first level in the system of the 5 Cambridge certificates. It represents a first step for those who intend to continue with the PET and the other certificates. It attests a general base knowledge of English language, equivalent to the Council of Europe's Waystage 1990 level. The Council of Europe has estimated 180/200 hours to reach this level.

PET Preliminary English Test

Is the second level in the system of the 5 Cambridge certificates. It has been reviewed and modified in 1995, conforming it to the level Threshold 1990. Council of Europe has estimated 180/200 hours of study to reach this level, obtaining a linguistic ability that can facilitate the communication with mother-tongue people in every day situations.

FCE First Certificate

Is the third level in the system of the 5 Cambridge certificates. It attests a general competence of English after approximately 500/600 of study. It is acknowledged in the commercial/industrial sector, by banks, airline companies, specific Universities, colleges and other institutions. It certificates self-governing use of the language.


Facilitates the entry in university courses in the U.K., U.S.A, Australia.

Business English (BEC)