Courses for young learners

Courses for young learners

Our teachers use the newest methodologies to teach English to children.

Classes have a limited number of students to allow maximum participation during the lesson.

Creative methods facilitate active involvement, within a more natural learning process.

English courses for children

English courses for children

In our school our teachers use all the new methodologies to teach English to YLs. Classes have a limited number of children, where they are protagonists and directly involved in the various activities. Our courses for YLs are designed to help students learn to use the English language in a more spontaneous and natural way in all the skills: listening, speaking, writing and reading, as English might be the language of their future.

Extra activities to learn English

All the YLs courses are reinforced with extra activities that help to teach English in a different way, in order to create and stimulate interest, focusing especially on the speaking and listening skills.

The staff

All our teachers have a long experience of teaching to children in Italy and abroad, didactically updated on a regular basis.

YLS Examinations

The Cambridge YLs Examinations are a series of tests for children aged 7 to 12 who are learning English as a Foreign Language. They are designed to be accessible and interesting, with no pass or fail grades, all tests provide every student with a reward for his or her efforts. The material is intended to be relevant and interesting to everyone. The test are available in three levels . STARTERS, MOVERS and FLYERS, they can provide a first step towards the main suite of internationally recognized Cambridge examinations for teenagers and adults.