Ditals examination

Ditals examination Centre - Teaching Italian to foreigners

Ditals certifications are a cultural title from the University of Siena that intend to evaluate the practical and theoretical knowledge of teaching Italian as a foreign language with different levels of professional competence in the field.

There are two levels of Ditals Certifications

1 Ditals 1 level

Recognises a basic linguistic competence for teaching Italian to a specific target group (profiles): children, teens, adults, university students, immigrants and Italian language learning.

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2 Ditals
2 level

Recognises an advanced teaching competence of the Italian language to foreigners and qualifies to teach in any type of context to different target groups.If you have the 1st level Ditals certificate in two profiles you can move directly to the 2nd level even if you don’t have a university degree in Literature or Language.

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