Italian course for foreigners

Italian course for foreigners

We organize Italian courses for foreign students.

Thanks to the experience developed during the years, we are able to offer one to one end group lessons all year around and for all levels, according to personal needs.

The Italian courses are organised in a way that students are able to reach a good and functional level of the language starting from A1 level.

All the teachers have a long experience with adults and international students.

Corsi di lingua Italiana per stranieri

Italian language courses

All the Italian courses are meant to satisfy different requests from beginner to advanced level, available all year round from Monday to Friday.

The purpose of our Italian courses is to teach all the basic knowledge of the Italian language and the right approach for a correct use of the spoken language..

I nostri corsi di italiano per stranieri

Di seguito riportiamo una breve descrizione dei corsi di lingua italiana per stranieri che la nostra scuola di lingue organizza


This course is intended for students who have never studied Italian.

The course focus on basic grammar, reading, dictation, intensive practice in speech patterns and written structure, as well as conversation and composition. A selection of readings and videos is adopted to describe the Italian culture.


This course is for students who have studied some Italian and wish to pursue to advanced levels.

The course aims at improving grammar, reading and analysis of literary texts. Oral presentation and class discussions will help improve knowledge on Italian civilization.


An introduction to text analysis.

This part of the course is intended for students who have a good knowledge of Italian grammar and wish to pursue studies in the Italian language . A novel will be selected to be read and discussed with the students.