The Santa Maria C.V. Lenguage Centre

The S.Maria C.V. language Centre is located in a renovated building in the historical centre of the town of S.Maria C. V. in Via Latina , 63.

We have been organizingEnglish courses for Yls, teenagers and adults since 1990; in fact, next year we will be celebrating our 25th anniversary!

In the school all theclassrooms have interactive boards and a computer for each teacher.

There isanarea where the students can use computers, the internet and take tests online.

All the students have access to different levels of books and a big and updated collection of films with subtitles in English that they can take home and enjoy watching.

All the material available is used to improve the knowledge of the language.

Courses for
young learners

Our teachers use the newest methodologies to teach English to children. Classes have a limited number of students to allow maximum participation during the lesson.

Creative methods facilitate active involvement, within a more natural learning process..

English courses for
adults and teenagers

Our English courses respond to contemporary needs, placing more emphasis, in respect to the past, on communication, that is using English to connect with the World, without neglecting, however, the teaching of appropriate language structures. In the table below are indicated the courses available at our school, with a reference to the Common European Framework Levels.

Special English

Our School offers conversation courses with a limited number of participants; specific courses for groups of professionals and for companies and courses for university exams.

Upon request, "one to one" courses are also available.

Language Certifications

The Language Centre offers the possibility to obtain English  language certificates recognised by academic institutions and professional bodies worldwide, in addition to certificates in teaching Italian to speakers of other languages from the University of Siena for Foreigners.

Courses for
Cambridge Certificates

Our school has been in the Cambridge University Certificates circle for many years. The courses are usually finalised to the attainment of one of them, as they are internationally acknowledged.

Ditals examination

Ditals certifications are a cultural title from the University of Siena that intend to evaluate the practical and theoretical knowledge of teaching Italian as a foreign language with different levels of professional competence in the field.

Anfiteatro Campano di S. Maria C. V.

Roman Amphitheatre
inSanta Maria Capua Vetere

Apart from the ruins of the Amphitheatre, its geographical position makes it an ideal base to visit the many significant sites as Caserta, with its magnificent Royal Palace, Naples itself, Pompei, Paestum, Herculaneu, the Amalfi Coast, Mount Vesuvius, and a lot more.